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Katashi Umikoa
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Prototype Challenge - Round 5 - Race Recap

on Mon May 21, 2018 12:11 am

Hello everyone and welcome to the last race of the 2018 Prototype Challenge Series. It's been a long road full of amazing races, shocking surprises, and exciting battles. This series has seen many drivers put forth their best efforts and discover abilities they did not know they had before or hone their craft to a degree of Excellence and we have not seen in a long time.

Today's race did not fail to surprise with the many stories and events that happened throughout the race to put a close to the championship season. The one obvious factor that made a big difference in this race was the fact that this race finished under wet conditions. That's right ladies and gentlemen, this race was our first rain filled event of the season.

Going into this race, the odds-on favorite, UltraBoris ( Russell Nash ) held serve by scoring the pole position for the race and never looked back, securing the final win of the season and finishing 2nd in the series championship points. Our pit reporter caught up with him and Victory Lane:

Reporter - "What a way to cap off the season. A win, abide a wet one, at the final race. What was it like out there?"

UltraBoris- 'I only had dry practice running, so it was a little unknown when the clouds started to roll in before lights came out.'

Reporter - "How was the competition out there? And what did you think about the series now that it is finished?"

UltraBoris - 'It was close on the qualiy lap times so Iexpected a close race. I was putting in some good times in most laps so I managed to pull a lead then managed to maintained it. Apart from my pit crew mess up on my first pit stop, the race went well for me. I have enjoyed the series with some awesome racing! Hopfuly next series I will be in a position to challange for the top step in the series!'


Team CMR made good on their season prediction and Katashi Umikoa finished 3rd in the championship points, helped along with his 2nd place finish in the race.

Reporter - "It has been a rollercoaster of emotions for you and your team, so I figure this 2nd place finish really puts a exclamation point on your season, does it not?"

Katashi - 'Oh yes, we are quite pleased with how the Anime-zing Escape/T-Mobile Ford ran this year. Despite missing the first race of the season, as well as a disappointing finish in the third race of the season, I think a 3rd place finish in this series really solidifies ourselves as a serious contender for top honors in the league.'

Reporter - "During the race you had to make one extra pitstop due to a small wreck off of rurn one. Do you think that put the brakes on any momentum you had for a better finish in the race?"

Katashi - 'Not really. Our team knew that UltraBoris would be a hard man to beat, and he really didn't disappoint. He had this one in the bag and we knew it. Fortunately for us, other drivers behind us struggled with their race cars once the rain started to fall. Since I have been running endurance races for many years, I am accustomed to running long races in wet conditions. Besides, this is my home state of Florida. With tracks like Sebring and Daytona under our belt, we're used to rain.'


Finishing in 3rd place, Zac Woodward surprised all with the best finish in the team's season:

Reporter - "Zac, this is by far your best finish of the season. How was the race track from dry to wet?"

Zac - 'I was genuinely concerned when I heard the weather report, my team and I hadn't done any wet weather testing at all before the race, but incredibly it was as if my dry setup was a wet setup! The car handled superbly once I got used to the conditions.'

Reporter - "Any final thoughts as to the series? And what are your future plans?"

Zac - 'I really struggled with this series, every race was depressing, I just couldn't get the car dialled in. I was running 3-5 seconds per lap slower than the leaders! I had to retire from qualifying as we got the setup all wrong. Yet bizarrely the quick fix me and my team came up with seemed to work brilliantly! I almost wish I could start the season all over again!
Looking to the future, I have a few options, we will see what happens.'


Despite not being able to contend for a race win due to mechanical difficulties, Sean Steward was able to hold on to his points lead and take the Championship win by only 1 point!
We caught up with Sean after the race  has he and his crew celebrated their series win:

Reporter - "Sean, the results have yet to be tallied, but for all intents and purposes, you have been named the 2018 Prototype Challenge Series champion."

Sean - 'Yes, waiting for results to be finalised. What a fantastic race series it has been.'

Reporter - "Despite you having mechanical difficults that prevented you from competing in the race, what was your opinion on the race as seen from your pit box?"

Sean - 'It's was disappointing as the car had high latency clutch failure and couldn't complete 1 lap.
But spectating from the pits it looked an incredible race despite the weather conditions. It's was surprising a safety car wasn't called out near the end of the race, but it made a interesting watch.'

Reporter - "Now that you are the series champion, what do you have to say about the series in general and the competition that you encountered during it?"

Sean - 'It has exceeded my expectations by miles. I have had some awesome battles with Katashi, Boris, mcholeboy and Simon. I'm sure series two won't be far away. New cars and new tracks. If series two can carry on from where this series finished, it would be epic!'


Epic is truly a word that could describe how this race series was for both fans and drivers alike. Close racing, intense battles, friendly rivalries, and action packed locations: this series had it all.
Thank you for joining us in our start to finish coverage of the 2018 Prototype Challenge Series made possible by Forza Pro League Racing.

Thank you and see you again soon!
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