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FRD Mr Angry
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Prototype Challenge - Round 2 - Race Report

on Sun Apr 29, 2018 11:33 pm
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Thanks for joining us and welcome back to our continuing coverage of the FPLR Prototype Challenge series from Laguna Seca Raceway Park.

Today's 40 lap event saw the debut of several drivers and teams which helped make this one competitive race. In the end though, it was Sean Steward of Summit racing who stayed up front and did not look back. After taking the checkered flag, our pit reporter was able to speak to our rather jubilant race winner:

'Round 2 of the series and you pick up a another solid win. Your team must be happy. What was it like out there? And how was it running with the competition?'

Sean - "Yes our team was very happy with the Summit Racing Ford. It was challenging setting up the car with the optimal about of down force for Laguna Seca. Qualifying went extremely well, but I got off the line with a bad start in the main race. Arron got a better start off the line and straight away capitalised on my position. I sat on the tail of Arron and gained 1st place back just after the corkscrew.
Massive respect too all drivers that participated in tonight's race. Couldn't be more pleased."

Debuting in the Anime-zing Escape/T-Mobile sponsored Ford, newcomer Katashi Umikoa finished a strong 4th in a field of 15:

'You came into this race with some doubts as to how you would perform, as per your pre race prediction. Are you satisfied with the outcome?'

Katashi - "Very much so. I was very shocked when I was able to start the race with a fourth-place qualifying time. I honestly thought that we could have contended for a podium finish, but I had a couple of slip-ups during the race that really sapped some of my momentum. It was a strong field of racers and I am happy for Sean and his first place finish.
Going with the 4 gear package was a really smart move. This is a very torque-y turbocharged V6 that we have in this Ford and it really helped us out on these shorter tracks. I wasn't able to get into the 1 minute 17 second lap times that the leading cars were able to get, but even so, I am very pleased with my performance. We here at Constant Motion Racing will do everything we can to improve on our abilities as a team and represent our series."
Katashi Umikoa
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Re: Prototype Challenge - Round 2 - Race Report

on Mon Apr 30, 2018 12:01 pm
Thanks for using my post for your post race update report. I am flattered you think it is good enough.
And again, thanks for letting me race in your series!
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