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SR Motorsports Grounded at R3 HQ

on Wed Apr 25, 2018 6:43 pm

Due to circumstances out of SR Motorsport's control both Ferrari 458s are grounded at R3 HQ in the UK.

Whilst all is well with both drivers RTP Stellaman and Rampant Robbo, the cars have undergone inspection after the race at Hockenheim last week. On returning to the UK after the race, the 212 Ferrari underwent its usual post race strip down and assessment and a number of components appeared to had suffered more damage than originally thought in the incident on lap one. The crew at R3 were curios of how these components could of suffered so much damage from what was really a “nudge and spin” type incident. The team decided to then check the sister car which was not raced, and apart from testing, hasn’t really been driven in anger yet.

To SR motorsport's surprise the same components seemed to have signs of excessive wear. This being the case both cars have had to be grounded while an investigation into how and why this is happening and the parts in question will be replaced with newly fabricated replacement components to ensure that this should not reoccur. Before both cars are put back into competitive action in the FPLR-Forza Pro League Racing GT Series they will undergo a full inspection by the series organisers and the race scrutineers to ensure they meet the regulations of the series.

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