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VWAG CamberMan
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Just to say hello!

on Fri Feb 23, 2018 2:37 pm
Hi, I'm Guy aka CamberMan.

I've been racing on Forza since it started & came over from the likes of GT & toca (Yes I get it I'm old). I'm not the fastest person in the world but I enjoy my racing.

I've done a lot of online organised racing on places like Tora & world league racing. I've formed a few teams VWAG & XBR but as it is now I'm just doing a bit of lower class clean racing on WLR. I like clean racing, if you can sit on someone's bumper whilst not shunting them into a wall there's no better buzz. Keep your always getting shot in the head games I'll stick to playing with my real guns & tank (oh yeah.... Got one of them... Well part of one).

I've raced against former F1 world champion Jacques Villeneuve (he kicked my ass) & usually find myself midfield. It's not about the w it's about the racing. If I can fight with someone for last place I'd prefer that to hotlapping out in the lead.

Anyway. That's me. Hopefully I'll be able to jump in some championships with you, if you run testing nights & such I'm up for that. So yeah that's me.

See you out there.
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